Fair Flora

Our mission is to bring emission-free cultivated plants in cooperation with growers on the market and to offer consumers sustainable products.

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WHO IS Fair Flora?

Fair Flora is an European organization that aims to bring sustainably grown plants on the market throughout Europe. The Fair Flora consumer label is only awarded to products from growers who are committed to making floriculture more sustainable and reducing their own footprint. The label has a 5 star system. If growers achieve at least 3 stars, they are allowed to use the label. To earn a star, they must comply with MPS GlobalGAP/SQ requirements, calculate their footprint, as well as make an effort to improve the footprint annually and they must be transparent about how they are going to achieve it. Fair Flora stands for honesty, sustainability and transparency.

Sustainably produced plants

Indoor trees


ornamental FOLIAGE plants


Inorganic products have to make way for organic fertilizers.

Energy transition

In the coming years, gas will be exchanged for geothermal energy and gray electricity for green electricity. Energy has the greatest impact on the footprint and therefore requires special attention.

Plant protection

To improve the footprint, growers must use even more biological solutions to protect the crop and use even less chemicals.


Although often thought, transport has less pressure on the footprint than other factors. Nevertheless, attention must be paid to the way in which products are transported.


Plastic packaging materials should increasingly be replaced by biodegradable alternatives.

We believe in a responsible production chain


With a Fair Flora plant, a consumer buys a product from a grower who makes an extreme effort to make his activities more sustainable. Moreover, it is a fair product: everyone in the chain makes a profit in order to be able to continue sustainability. And because only the very best growers participate in Fair Flora, you also get the very best quality plants at home.


Fair Flora products are also climate-positive, as more CO² is compensated than is emitted by the growers. This is done with the planting of bamboo in Uganda, Guatemala, India and the Netherlands. Because part of the returns is also used for social projects, as a buyer you explicitly contribute to a better world.

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