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Dark corners

Not every room is blessed with great lighting conditions. No problem for these uncomplicated plants as they feel at home even in shade.

Bright spaces

Some plants might burn when exposed to direkt sunlight. But don’t worry, we compiled some robust plants that dont mind direct sunlight.

Air purifying

No more stuffy air. These plants purify the air with ease. Enjoy clean air in your bed- or living room.

Hydroponic Culture

Plants in hydroponic culture are very easy to care for, since you don’t have to guess when to water them.

uncomplicated plants

These plants dont mind not being watered for an extended amount of time. Get rewarded with green for doing the bare minimum.

narrow spaces

Compact and tall plants for narrow rooms. Because even when you think “I can’t put a plant here”, you can put a plant there.

good indoor climate

Good air quality significantly increases concentration and reduces stress. Plants can contribute a lot by cleaning and humidifying the air.


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