3 × Hanging plants mix ↕ 20cm

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  • Plant height (including pot): 20 cm
  • Delivery contains 3 real plants
  • Pot size: 12 cm
  • Set of three hanging plants, ideal for the top of a cupboard. With Fair Flora label: honest and sustainable.

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About the plant

Botanical genus: Chlorophytum


Indoor plant from Botanicly

Do you have some space on the top of a cupboard? Then take this set of 3 hanging plants. The Muehlenbeckia maori, Pilea depressa Sao Paulo and Chlorophytum comosum Bonnie are plants which stand out well on an edge, because they can hang down nicely. The Muehlenbeckia and Pilea are doing this with their ever-growing branches, the Chlorophytum does it by making cuttings on long branches.

Care recommendation

Chlorophytum: Put the plant in a bright place. Avoid the full sun. Generously watering from spring to autumn, less in winter. The grass lily is a strong plant: It’s not bad if you forgot watering. Muehlenbeckia: Place the plant in a bright place. Avoid the full sun. Give the plant enough water so that the soil stays moist, but does not get soggy. Balcony or garden, this plant grows about -5 ° C. Pilea: Put the plant in a bright place or in the partial shade. Avoid the full sun. Give the plant enough water. The soil should stays moist, but does not get soggy. Fertilize the plant every month.

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About Grower

This plant will be delivered with the Fair Flora label. A Fair Flora plant is a honest and sustainable plant. The environmental impact has been calculated and is actively being improved. In addition, the CO2 emissions are compensated and…

The delivered plant is similar to the picture.

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