2 × Indoor plant – Creeping ficus | Height: 65 cm | Ficus Pumila


2 × Indoor plant – Creeping ficus | Height: 65 cm | Ficus Pumila


  • Plant height (including pot): 65 cm
  • Delivery contains 2 plants
  • Pot size: 17 cm
  • Location: Dappled sun, partial shade
  • If you wait long enough, the Pumila will take over your home.

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Indoor plant from Botanicly

This ficus is a real climber, with dwarf-like small leaves. In warm countries, it is known as a rapidly-growing creeper in gardens and on buildings. It doesn’t like frost, so in the Netherlands it’s a favourite plant for in the home. Hang it up or put it at the bottom of the stairs 😉

Care recommendation

The ficus prefers a bright or half-bright location. Do not place it directly in the sun during the hot summer months. Once you have found a good place, try not to move the plant again. It costs the plant a lot of energy to get used to a new location. If the ficus is growing too much in one direction you can rotate it, of course, but then preferably a little at a time. Don’t allow the root ball to dry out: the ficus likes a lot of water. Water the plant twice a week at room temperature; give it less water in the winter than in summer. In the spring and summer, give the ficus some extra plant food every two to four weeks.

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We attach great importance to a safe and secure packe of your plant.
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We were able to develop a packaging in which you plant will survive cold or multi-day transort.
All our packaging has been tested under different conditions before.
If you are not completely satisfied with the packaging of the plant, we will be happy to resend you a new plant for free.

About Grower

Plant nursery J. de Groot has been in business since 1963 but has never had a problem keeping up with developments. For example, they use robots to move the propagation tables and to sort plants. They are also innovative in the area of sales. Together with De Efteling fantasy amusement park they devised ‘The…

The delivered plant is similar to the picture.

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