Bouquet – Bunch of Flowers Gerbera pink – Height: 60 cm, 15 branches

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  • Height: 60 cm
  • Delivery contains 1 natural plant
  • A beautiful, cherry-red orchid that attracts lots of attention in every home interior.

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Bouquets from Botanicly

Orchids come in many shapes and sizes. The Phalaenopsis is also called the Moth orchid. This orchid originally comes from the jungles of New Guinea and Australia. The flowering period of this variety is very long: up to three months in a row. It is also quite easy to get this orchid to blossom again (see Care). The flower of the Montreux is cherry-red. A Dutch botanist, C.L. Blume, gave the phalaenopsis the name ‘moth-like’ when he mistook the plant for a group of moths on a tree during one of his expeditions. That was in 1825.

Care recommendation

Place this orchid in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight. It prefers room temperature, so at least 15°C. Water the plant when the soil is almost dry, so once every 7 to 9 days. And regularly mist the youngest buds. Every two weeks, give it a splash of special orchid plant food and add a teaspoon of lime to the potting soil 3 to 4 times a year. Do not fertilise in November, December or January. Refresh the soil once every three years. When you cut off the dead stem above the third node, a new stem will grow after 8 to 12 months.

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If you’re looking for fresh flowers e.g. as gifts for women, look no further. There are hardly better gifts for women than beautiful and fragrant…

Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

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