Carnivorous Plant – DIY bottle garden – Botanical Jar Large – Height: 30 cm

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  • Height of the bottle garden: 30 cm
  • Delivery contains 1 natural plant
  • Pot size Ø: 18 cm

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Carnivorous Plants from Botanicly

This closed terrarium creates a humid climate itself so that the plants keep themselves alive.
The plants perspire water in the form of vapor, this partially condenses making visible droplets on the inside of the glass. These drops moisten the soil and ensure a moist environment in which the plants and the moss thrive well.
The Sarracenia purpurea is better known as the carnivorous plant. With his trumpet-shaped cups, he lures insects that then slide in and drown in previously collected rainwater. However, the sarracenia does not need insects to survive.
This purple-green trumpet-cup plant finds its origin in the entire eastern coastal plain of the United States up to Canada.

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CAUTION: This is a DIY package with clear instructions. The product is easy to put together yourself.
The plant may differ slightly in color, shape and size from the image.

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Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

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