Indoor Plants – 2 × Peace lily – Height: 70 cm

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  • Plant height (including pot): 70 cm
  • Delivery contains 2 real plants
  • Pot size Ø: 17 cm
  • Location: Partial shade
  • Two large air-purifying houseplants with beautiful white flowers. With Fair Flora label: honest and sustainable.
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About the plant

Location: Partial shade
A bright location e.g. East or west window
Irrigate: Rarely
Water when the soil is dry to a depth of more than 2 cm
Fertilize: Monthly
Fertilize monthly
Particularities: Avoid waterlogging
Please pay attention to waterlogging. Excess irrigation water must be able to drain off
Growth form: Wide
This plant grows especially in width.
Humidity: Regular room air
The plant prefers normal indoor air
Difficulty: Very easy
Very easy to maintain
Botanical genus: Spathiphyllum
Toxicity: Toxic
May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets


Indoor Plants from Botanicly

The Spathiphyllum has been a popular plant in Europe since the 19th century. Because of the striking shape of the large white flowers, Spathiphyllum is also called spoon plant. If you take care of the plant, she will continuously make new flowers and you can enjoy this eye-catcher for a long time. This Vivaldi has smaller and narrower leaves than the big sister Lauretta.Years ago, the NASA researched the oxygen production of all kinds of different plants. Maybe this could be perfect for long space journeys. That research showed something special: the Spathiphyllum is a plant that works strongly air-purifying. The plant converts CO2 into oxygen, better than many other plants.The plant can also very effectively break down harmful substances in the air and improve the air humidity. Again and again you can see, how healthy it is to have Spathiphyllum in your room. Perfect for homes in the city and for houses with little ventilation!

Care recommendation

The plant comes from the Amazon region and likes temperatures of 14 degrees.The Spathiphyllum needs a lot of water. The soil should stay slightly wet, spray regularly water to prevent from turning brown. You should fertilize the Spathiphyllum once a month. The flower should be white, if a flower turns green, cut it as low as possible. Cut off brown leaves. So the plant can build more energy for new flowers and fresh leaves. The Spathiphyllum grows out of the pot? The best time to repot is spring. Put the Spathiphyllum in potting soil with coconut fiber and place it in less light. A bathroom is ideal for Spathiphyllum: less light and a lot of moisture!

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Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

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Indoor Plants – 2 × Peace lily – Height: 70 cm
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