Indoor trees – 4 × Aloe vera, Australian chestnut, fan palm, cat grass – Height: 25 cm

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  • Plant height (including pot): 25 cm
  • Delivery contains 4 real plants
  • Pot size: 12 cm
  • Location: Partial shade
  • A nice combination of four different plants.
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About the plant

Location: Partial shade
  • A bright location e.g. East or west window
Irrigate: Rarely
  • Water when the soil is dry to a depth of more than 2 cm
Fertilize: Monthly
  • Fertilize monthly
Particularities: Avoid waterlogging
  • Please pay attention to waterlogging. Excess irrigation water must be able to drain off
Humidity: Regular room air
  • The plant prefers normal indoor air
Difficulty: Very easy
  • Very easy to maintain
Botanical genus: Aloë
Toxicity: Toxic
  • May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets


Indoor trees from Botanicly

Aloe is an ancient desert plant that has been growing on the Arabian Peninsula for millions of years. The substances in this jelly-like juice of the leaf were discovered centuries ago as a care for humans. The Aloe Vera also ensures clean air in the house. In Australia, where the chestnut comes from, the plant grows to over twenty meters. It blooms there with yellow-orange blooms. In the apartment he stays much smaller, about a meter. The beautiful fan-shaped leaves give this palm its popular name. With its large bright green foliage, it acts like a miniature jungle in the house. Cat grass, that loves every cat. The plant is native to East Africa and grows there in swamps. With optimal care, the plant even forms brown flowers.

Care recommendation

Aloe: The soil should dry before the next watering. She likes to stand in the full sun. It grows slowly but should turn into a larger pot after two to three years. Australian Chestnut: Place this in a bright, warm place. plenty of water until the soil is saturated, and remove the excess water. Fan Palm: Bright place, not in the afternoon sun. High humidity, spray occasionally with a little water. Keep the root ball wet, but do not let it get “wet feet”. Less water in winter than in spring and summer. Cat grass: Keep it moist, spray it daily. Lots of light, but no direct sunlight.

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Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

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