Lova Asplenium Antiqum ↕ 40 to 48 cm available with planter

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About the plant

Location: Shadow
Medium light conditions e.g. in shady places of a sunny room
Irrigate: Occasionally
Water when the soil is dry to a depth of more than 0.5 cm
Fertilize: Monthly
Fertilize monthly
Particularities: Avoid waterlogging
Please pay attention to waterlogging. Excess irrigation water must be able to drain off
Growth form: Wide
This plant grows especially in width.
Humidity: Damp room air
If the humidity is low, spray it with water. The plant also likes dampened spaces, e.g. the bathroom.
Difficulty: Very easy
Very easy to maintain
Botanical genus: Asplenium
Toxicity: Toxic
May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets


Ferns from Botanicly

Once the lava came out of a volcano glowing 700 degrees celsius hot and now a plant is growing upon this precious volcanic stone! The plant practically embraces the lava with its roots. The lava stone provides moisture, stability and nutrients. A truly fascinating and fully natural combination of beautiful phenomenons of nature.The Asplenium is also called nest-fern, since they usually grow on branches of trees in nature.
It grows at all heights, from ground level to the crowns of the tallest trees. The leaves turn brown and curl up, making the plant look like a huge nest in the forest between the branches of the trees. The plant belongs to the real ferns, though with its round tongue-shaped leaves it does not have the typical appearance of a fern. It was originally found in the forests of Japan and Taiwan.

Care recommendation

The plant can be placed anywhere in the house, but please make sure it is not exposed to full sunlight. The plant needs a minimum temperature of 15°C. The lava stone absorbs water from the shell and directs it to the roots of the plant. The bowl should be filled to approx. 2/3, but at least always a layer of water. Due to the nutrients present in the lava stone, you do not need to fertilize the plant. Lime in tap water can cause lava stone to turn white, so it is best to give the plant rainwater.

Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

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Lova Asplenium Antiqum ↕ 40 to 48 cm available with planter