Lucky chestnut ↕ 38 cm available with planter

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About the plant

Location: Off-sun
Very bright but not full sun locations, e.g. south window behind a curtain
Irrigate: Rarely
Water when the soil is dry to a depth of more than 2 cm
Fertilize: Monthly
Fertilize monthly
Particularities: Avoid waterlogging
Please pay attention to waterlogging. Excess irrigation water must be able to drain off
Growth form: High
This plant grows primarily in height.
Humidity: Damp room air
If the humidity is low, spray it with water. The plant also likes dampened spaces, e.g. the bathroom.
Difficulty: Very easy
Very easy to maintain
Botanical genus: Pachira
Toxicity: Non-toxic
Does not contain toxic substances for humans or animals


Indoor Plants from Botanicly

The money tree comes from South America and grows there on land that is regularly flooded. The tree can grow to a height of twenty metres. You don’t want it that big in your home, of course, so the plant is sold as an ornamental plant in handier sizes of 50 to 200 cm. In Asia, the plant is known as ‘Malabar chestnut’ and is also called the ‘money tree’. In that part of the world, the plant symbolises success in business, so you often see it in offices and industrial premises.

Care recommendation

As a tropical plant, the money tree needs a lot of sunlight, but may not be placed in direct sunlight. That can cause the leaves to burn. The houseplant doesn’t blossom and grows less quickly than the wild variant. The plant needs a lot of water once every three weeks. N.B.: you can wait until the soil has dried out. In the winter, you can stop the leaves from drying out by regularly misting them. Burned leaves turn yellow. Brown leaves are the result of too much or too little water. You can remove these leaves straight away. The best time to prune the crown of the money tree is in the autumn. The trunk will then branch out again, so that you can keep the plant nice and compact with no ugly offshoots.

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Lucky chestnut ↕ 38 cm available with planter
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