Ponytail palm in hydroponic culture ↕ 50 cm available with planter

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About the plant

Location: Off-sun
Very bright but not full sun locations, e.g. south window behind a curtain
Irrigate: Rarely
Water when the soil is dry to a depth of more than 2 cm
Fertilize: Monthly
Fertilize monthly
Particularities: No particularities
Excess irrigation water should be able to drain off
Growth form: High
This plant grows primarily in height.
Humidity: Regular room air
The plant prefers normal indoor air
Difficulty: Very easy
Very easy to maintain
Botanical genus: Beaucarnea
Toxicity: Toxic
May contain toxic substances for humans or animals. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets


Hydroponics plants from Botanicly

Beaucarnea does not need much, gives you all the more. In fact, Beaucarnea is not a normal houseplant, but rather resembles a tree. A sturdy trunk grows out of a thick tuber and is crowned by a happy, curly ball of long, ribbon-shaped leaves growing from a rosette. This tree is also known as elephant foot and is characterized not only by its unmistakable silhouette, but also by its robustness. He is growing slowly but steadily. Once you forget water is absolutely no problem. The plant stores water in the tuber and trunk to survive in drier times. The plant is thus partially self-sufficient, which makes Beaucarnea a very suitable plant for anyone without a green thumb.

Care recommendation

Being a hydroculture, our plant is very easy to care for.
Equipped with clay granules, and a water level indicator and a high-quality ceramic pot in a timeless design, it comes safely packaged and ready-to-use for your home or office.
Depending on the location, the water level gauge for hydroculture will show you when your plant needs watering (about every 6 – 10 days), which almost eliminates over-pouring or dehydration.
Fertilizers for hydroponics can also be easily obtained from us or many other providers.
Should there be any problems with your hydroculture, you can always contact us.

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Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%. Decorative stones not included.

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