Indoor Plant – DIY bottle garden – Big vase open – Fittonia / Aspergus Plumosus – Height: 25 cm

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  • Plant height (including pot): 25 cm
  • Delivery contains 1 natural plant
  • Pot size: 24 cm
  • Location: Off-sun
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About the plant

Location: Off-sun
  • Very bright but not full sun locations, e.g. south window behind a curtain
Irrigate: Often
  • The soil should always be slightly moist
Fertilize: Bi-monthly
  • Fertilize every two weeks
Particularities: Avoid waterlogging
  • Please pay attention to waterlogging. Excess irrigation water must be able to drain off
Humidity: Regular room air
  • The plant prefers normal indoor air
Difficulty: Medium
  • Medium
Botanical genus: Fittonia
Toxicity: Non-toxic
  • Does not contain toxic substances for humans or animals


Indoor Plants from Botanicly

This closed terrarium creates a humid climate so that the plants keep themselves alive. The plants transpire water in the form of steam, which partially condenses and makes droplets visible on the inside of the glass. These droplets moisten the soil and provide a humid environment in which the plants and moss thrive.
Setaceus asparagus, with its soft, light green leaves, is similar to the fern family. However, it belongs to the asparagus family, which has more than 300 species, the best known of which is the edible variety. The origin of this plant lies in Central and South America. Only a small number is suitable for the home plant, to which this beautiful asparagus setaceus belongs.
Fittonia originally occurs in the tropics of Peru, as a ground cover in the shade of tall trees. Fittonia is named after the sisters Elizabeth Fitton and Sarah Mary Fitton, authors of some popular botanical books.
Please note that this is a DIY package with clear instructions.

Care recommendation

It is important that you read the enclosed leaflet carefully! Place the plant in a bright place out of the sun. The plant should be placed where the temperature is constant, preferably at room temperature from 15 ° C to 25 ° C. Because plants are living things, they never looks the same. There are differences in height and shape.

Indoor plants can’t be missed, when you’re searching for decorations for living room. Regardless of where you place these flashy blooming indoor plants, they will not only light up your room, but your mood as well. If you’re looking for some natural air purifier, add some of these diverse and authentic indoor plants to your decorations for living room mix.

Plants are natural products. The delivered plant is similar to the picture. The actual height can vary ± 10%.

Additional information

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